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Meet Kelly

KM Interiors is owned by Kelly Munchel, an accomplished interior designer with a passion for timeless design. Kelly loves helping people create spaces that make them happy.

"It's all about listening," Kelly says. "Understanding what my clients like, but more importantly, how they plan to use the space we're designing. Functionality and comfort are just as important as the aesthetics of the room. A room needs to not only be beautiful, but functional."

Interior Designer Kelly Munchel
interior designer

Kelly's design work was the cover feature in Susquehanna Style magazine which showcases the design philosophy she brings to her clients. "Take your time. Let the space tell you what it needs. Timeless design endures," she says.

Kelly enjoys helping clients create fabulous new spaces that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles and is happy to help with every aspect of interior design.

As a degreed interior designer, Kelly recognized the desire of her clients for original artwork that reflected their home decor. As a creative person, this inspired Kelly to pursue her passion for artistic creativity. She is now able to offer customizable artwork in any color and any size based on the client's needs.

She discovered that acrylic artwork compliments the color schemes and personal desires that are unique to each of her customers. She is inspired by colors in nature, textiles and various elements affiliated with being an interior designer. She proudly offers her artwork to the community beyond her personal clients.

Custom Artwork by Kelly Munchel

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